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  • Words to Live By ...

    In this series, we will focus on some of the most important words that describe life as followers of Jesus. These are words we use all the time, and we too easily lose sight of their meaning. Each week, we will focus on one of these words, explore its meaning, and be challenged to embody the “the word of the week” in our daily lives. We’ll discover that these words are not only part of our Christian vocabulary, they are Words To Live By.

    February 4: Purpose

    February 11: Trust

    Ash Wednesday, February 14: Reconciliation

    February 18: Holiness

    February 25: Love

    March 3: Courage

    March 10: Grace

  • Celtic Service 2024

    The Celtic Service is on Facebook & Youtube on the last Sunday of the month at 5 p.m. (with occasional exceptions).

    January 28

    February 25

  • Non-Series Sundays 2024

  • The Return of the King

    Revelation: few books of the Bible create more interest, inspire more curiosity, and invoke more fear than this book. But what is the meaning of Revelation? How are we to read it? And how does its message speak to us today? Together we will explore these questions and more in Pastor Neil’s new series: The Return of the King.


    January 7: Making Sense of Revelation

    January 14: A Tale of Two Empires

    January 21: Paradise Found

  • A New Day is Dawning (Advent 2023)

    Advent is a season for anticipation and Christmas is a season for celebration. As we anticipate and celebrate Jesus' birth, we also anticipate and celebrate Jesus coming into our lives. Even on the most difficult days and in the darkest of seasons, this is Good News: "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it." (John 1:5) Join us for worship every week as we discover that, with the coming of Jesus, A New Day is Dawning.


    December 3: Wake Up

    December 10: Lessons & Carols 8:30, 10:30

    December 17: Hope for the Best

    December 24: Great Expectations

    Christmas Eve, 5 p.m. Family Service

    Christmas Eve, 8 & 11 p.m.: The Waiting is Over

    December 31: A New Year is Dawning

  • Celtic Service 2023

    The Celtic Service is on Facebook & Youtube on the last Sunday of the month at 5 p.m. (with occasional exceptions).

    June 11

    July 30

    August 27

    October 1

    October 29

    November 26

    December 17: A Celtic Service of Hope and Peace

  • Non-Series Sundays 2023

  • Generous God; Generous People

  • This We Believe

    Our Fall 2023 sermon series is called This We Believe. It’s based on The Apostles’ Creed, one of the most familiar statements of what Christian’s believe. It will be an opportunity for all of us, long-time believers and newcomers to Christian faith, to explore what we believe and why it’s so important. If you know someone who has questions about what it means to be a Christian, invite them to join us as we learn about our faith together.

    September 10: I Believe in God

    September 17: I Believe in Jesus Christ

    September 24: I Believe in the Holy Spirit

    October 1: I Believe in the Church and the Communion of Saints

    October 8: The Forgivness of Sins

    October 22: The Resurrection of the Body

  • Joseph: Dreaming God's Dreams

    Our 2023 summer sermon series is called, Joseph: Dreaming God’s Dreams. Join us as we learn about Joseph, the Old Testament character whose story is found in Genesis 37-50. It’s an amazing story of how God works in human lives, despite the faults and failures of the human family. Through these sermons, we’ll discover that Joseph experiences highs and lows, great success and trials and tribulations—just like we do—and that in the midst of it all, God was with him and used Joseph to do great good. Invite a friend to worship as we dream God’s dreams together and learn lessons for our own lives from the life of Joseph.


    July 9: What Kind of Dream is This?

    July 16: Truth and Consequences

    July 23: The One Who Knows Me

    July 30: The Gift of Discernment

    August 6: The Power of Sacrificial Love

    August 13: Choosing Reconciliation, Not Retaliation

    August 20: The Wonder of What God Can Do

  • Celebration of Life

  • Three Simple Rules

    In the mid-1800’s John Wesley established General Rules for the members of the Methodist Society. Wesley’s General rules have been a guide for faithful discipleship for Methodists for more than 280 years and are still relevant in our 21stcentury world. In this series, we’ll look at these Three Simple Rules and consider what they mean for us today.

    June 18: Do No Harm

    June 25: Do Good

    July 2: Stay in Love with God

  • This is God's Church

    The overriding theme will be that the Church is God’s idea, that This is God’s Church, and that the Bible, particularly The Acts of the Apostles, has a lot of important things to say about God’s Church. Over the next three weeks, we’ll take a closer look at the first two chapters of Acts and see if we can discover what God has in mind for God’s Church in the 21st century world.

    May 21: This is God's Church: Act(s) I

    May 28: This is God's Church: Act(s) II

    June 4: This is God's Church Act(s) 2.5

  • You and Me: Nurturing the Relationships that Matter Most

    Our lives are lived in the middle of intersecting circles of relationships: with God, with friends and neighbors, with colleagues and co-workers, with spouses and significant others, and with parents and children. These relationships are a gift from God and the source of many blessings in our lives. But they are also the source of much pain — though conflict, disappointment and hurt feelings. Starting on April 16, we’ll look at what the Bible says about these relationships. We’ll discover how our relationship with God affects our human relationships and what we can do to strengthen the most important relationships in our lives. Focusing on our own lives (what we can control, not on our desire to change others) we’ll learn how to be better children of God, better friends, better workers, better spouses/partners, and better parents or children.

    April 16: The Ripple Effect

    April 23: Friends and Neighbors

    April 30: A Servant's Heart

    May 7: A Three-Fold Cord

    May 14: Family Values

  • Final Words from the Cross

    This series and Lent study will focus on Jesus’ dying hours and his final words as the Gospel writers recorded them. We’ll consider the people who were present as Jesus was dying, reflect on his final statements, and try to understand what they mean for our lives today. Final Words from the Cross by Adam Hamilton will be the text for the Lent Study.

    February 26: "Father, Forgive Them . . ."

    March 5: "Today, You Will Be With Me in Paradise."

    March 12: "Behold Your Son"

    March 19: "My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?"

    March 26: "I Thirst"

    April 2: "It Is Finished." "Into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit."

    Holy Thursday, April 6: It Could Have Been Me | hymns

    Good Friday, April 7: The Passion of Jesus Christ

    April 9: A Day of New Beginnings

  • Listen to the Angels (Advent 2022)

    Every year we read the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ birth and enter the story of Mary and Joseph. We are amazed at the miracle of salvation that comes through the birth of Jesus. We worship with the shepherds and join the wise men as they follow the star to meet the newborn King. Throughout the story of Christmas, angels guide us along the way. The Gospel writers tell us what happened in the first Christmas; the angels tell us what it means. Please join us during Advent and Christmas at Trinity as we Listen to the Angels and hear the Good News once again.


    Nov. 27: "Your Prayer Has Been Heard"

    Dec. 4: "The Lord Is with You"

    Dec. 11: Lessons and Carols

    Dec. 18: "Do Not Be Afraid"

    Dec. 24: "I Bring You Good News" (Christmas Eve 8 & 11 p.m.)

    Dec. 24: Christmas Eve Family Service (5 p.m.)

  • A Life of Thanks-Giving (Oct. 23 - Nov. 13)

    “Thanks” and “Giving” go together for many reasons. Put together, they create a word that describes not only a holiday in November, but also a way of living. As children of God and followers of Jesus, we have many reasons to be thankful. We know that God has given us all that we have and made us all that we are, and for that, we give thanks. We affirm that giving and thanking go together in our relationship with God. The Bible teaches us that when we remember what God has done, we are to give thanks. The Bible also teaches us that when we remember what God has done, we give thanks by giving a portion of what we have received back to God. That’s what it means to tithe. That’s what we’re going to discover together as we consider how we might live A Life of Thanks-Giving.

    October 23: The Habit of Thanks-Giving

    October 30: The Joy of Thanks-Giving

    November 6: The Great Thanks-Giving

    November 13: A Life of Thanks-Giving

  • Labeled (Sept. 11 - Oct. 9)

    Sermon Series: Labeled

    We all wear a variety of labels. Some labels come from other people and the world around us. Some labels we put on ourselves. But we believe that God has different labels for us, labels that truly matter, labels that we can choose to wear. Join us each week as we discover what it means to be Labeled by God.


    September 11: We Are Chosen

    September 18: We Are Alive

    September 25: We Are Heirs

    October 2: We Are Strong

    October 9: We Are Gifted

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  • The 7 Deadly Sins & the 7 Holy Virtues (July 3 - Aug. 28)

    This summer, Pastor Neil is preaching a series of sermons on The Seven Deadly Sins (and the Seven Holy Virtues). There is no list of Seven Deadly Sins in the Bible, but centuries ago, the church named these sins and called them “deadly.” This series will explore what they are and why they are so dangerous. We’ll learn how to name them and confess them in our own lives, and we’ll discover the corresponding virtues that God’s grace makes possible. The Deadly Sins are some of the ways we interfere with God’s intentions our for lives. Join us in person or online each week as we discover that, when we reduce the interference of sin, we experience more fully the Kingdom life that God dreams for every one of us.


    July 3: Pride (Humility)

    July 10: Envy (Kindness & Generosity)

    July 17: Anger (Patience & Meekness)

    August 7: Sloth (Diligence & Zeal)

    August 14: Greed (Charity)

    August 21: Gluttony (Temperance & Moderation)

    August 28: Lust (Chastity)