pastoral care

Our pastors will share their experience, insights and strength to help guide you through the most difficult and complex of times. This helps us develop a deeper understanding of self and others so that we can develop meaningful relationships and live an inspired life.


Our pastors and professional counselors have the love, compassion and skills to help you to celebrate life, work for a better world and experience freedom as whole persons. Counseling services offered include:

Individual Counseling

Helps heal old wounds and break through to new levels of interpersonal connectedness.

Couples Counseling

Enables couples to better understand each other, deal with difficulty and strengthen their marital bond.

Healing Grief Share

Helps grieve a loss and deal with the anxiety and depression associated with loss.

Pre-Marriage Mentorship

Focuses on the change that happens as two individuals become one. 

Pastoral Counseling of Northern Virginia

These professional counselors provide the highest quality of pastoral counseling services at an affordable cost to all persons. We currently have three counselors with offices at Trinity Church:

    Ms. Judy Hall, LCSW

    Ms. Anne Martin, PhD

    Ms. Alexandra Roth, LCSW

Need Help? Please visit or call 703-449-1944.