Youth Ministry

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Confirmation class is for 7th graders, and older youth who have not taken the class. Pastor Anne Hough is the lead teacher, and the class will meets most Sundays from 4 - 5 p.m. and runs through mid-May. Confirmation Sunday will be Pentecost Sunday, May 19.

What is Confirmation Class? 

In order to mature in their own faith journey, the confirmands will explore what the Bible teaches us, what it means to follow Jesus and how we serve God as members of the United Methodist Church. Confirmands will learn about our church history, our beliefs, and our practices. This class will aid in their spiritual formation on their life long journey as followers of Christ. At the end of the class each confirmand will decide if they are ready to become full members of the church. 


Your Confirmand needs a Faith Friend: 

Each confirmand needs a Faith Friend. A Faith Friend is an active adult member of the Trinity Church family who will journey alongside a confirmand. They will check in weekly and will share their own faith journey and experience with their confirmand. A Faith Friend should not be related to the confirmand. Ideally, there is someone the confirmand can identify within our church family to fill this role. If you are unsure whom to ask, Pastor Anne or Catherine can recommend a Faith Friend to you. 


Contact Pastor Anne or Catherine Wethington if you have any questions.