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New Study begins May 17 & 18.

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Who Was Paul? Is He Still Relevant Today?

How much do you know about the apostle Paul? Other than the fact that he was a leader in the early church, what could you tell someone who knows nothing of Paul? Actually, there is more available about Paul than most other early church leaders. Thanks to his prolific letter writing to the churches, coupled with writings of others about him, we actually know quite a lot. (We even have a description of what he looked like and—spoiler alert—a unibrow comes into play.)

That’s why I’m happy to have the opportunity to teach a class on Paul. Beginning May 17 and running for six weeks, we’ll look at this fascinating character from the Bible. Among other resources, we’ll be using Adam Hamilton’s book, The Call: The Life and Message of the Apostle Paul. We’ll also be using Hamilton’s video series that accompanies his study. It’s an added bonus because he retraces some of the steps of Paul, taking us to key places where the apostle traveled and carried out his ministry. Reading the book is not mandatory, but it will add to your understanding of all Paul accomplished in his ministry. It’s available through Cokesbury, Amazon and other book retailers.

Here’s a brief overview of the weeks.

  1. Called to Follow Christ: Paul’s background, conversion and early ministry
  2. Called to Go: Paul’s first missionary journey
  3. Called to Suffer: Paul’s second missionary journey (part one)
  4. Called to Love: Paul’s second missionary journey (part two)
  5. Called to Give: Paul’s third missionary journey
  6. Called to Be Faithful: Paul’s death and legacy

This first century leader traveled thousands of miles by sea and land, was beaten, imprisoned, shipwrecked and ultimately executed for his unrelenting faith.