Crafts for a Cause

When the coronavirus pandemic is over and we can resume in-person gatherings, Trinity's craft group meets twice a month on Monday evenings to make comfort items used in local hospitals and shelters. They also make dresses and dolls for girls in Uganda. They also host a craft bazaar in the Fall to raise funds for the material costs of the projects. All adults are welcome to participate. Materials and instruction are provided. Sometimes there are tasks that can be completed at home, too. Some of our current projects and events are detailed below. There's also photos of past projects and craft gatherings. For more information, please contact Molly Sprouse.

Loom a Hat for Christ House and Fair Oaks Hopsital

Crafts for a Cause needs volunteers to make adult hats for Christ House and baby caps for Fair Oaks Hospital. Just grab a loom, wrap away, and return the finished hats to Trinity to be delivered.

Looms: You can buy a loom at a local craft store for under $10, or you can request one of the lenders from Crafts. We also can provide yarn for you.

For adult hats, you need a 9.3" loom (36 pegs). For baby caps, you need the 5.75" (24 pegs). No other sizes will work.

Yarn: You must use thick, bulky yarn for loom hats, so look for the numbers 4, 5 or 6 on the yarn package. Avoid dark colors; for baby hats, avoid combination of blue and pink; single colors are better. If you use thinner yarn, you need to use two strands. DO NOT use traditional thin baby yarn.

Follow the instructions in the loom's package or the instruction sheet included here. Please note that a brim is not recommended. Return the hats to Trinity to be delivered.

Hat Sizes: Adult hats should measure approximately 8-9 inches in length (try the fit on a family member or yourself. These are mostly for adult males.) Baby caps should be 7 inches in length (should fit a grapefruit).

For more information or if you would like to make hats using traditional knit or crochet methods, please contact, Molly Sprouse.

Holiday Crafts & Food BAzaar

Thank you to everyone who supported the 2019 Bazaar with their purchases. We will be able to help many people through our projects and gifts. Supplies for our projects are funded by this annual event.

Coming Fall 2020

Sundays, 9:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Fellowship Lobby

Handmade items by our Crafts for a Cause group will be for sale.

This annual fundraiser supports various missions of our Crafts for a Cause ministry. They make handmade items to be used at Carpenter's Shelter, Christ House, Fair Oaks Hospital and sent to international destinations, such as, Uganda and Honduras. All supplies for these projects are purchased with funds raised through the annual Bazaar.

You can view some sample photos of the 2018 Bazaar at the bottom of this page.