We support several mission ministries at The Leadership Center in Honduras and at other locations in the U.S. and around the world.

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Heart to Heart

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Heart to Heart’s mission is to rescue and care for orphaned and destitute children of Honduras, of which there are so very many. The Heart to Heart Ministry serves a poor rural community in northeastern Honduras and their Children’s Village, home to 80 children, is in Tegucigalpita. Heart to Heart also has a nearby church and medical clinic which both serve the local community.

Trinity has entered into a covenant relationship with Heart to Heart. We have enthusiastically embraced their ministry with our promises of prayers as well as financial and service assistance as we are able. Most importantly, we will keep the children in our prayers and hearts as God works in their lives. We have sent two short-term mission teams to Honduras in 2011 and hope to send more teams in the near future.

Learn more about Heart to Heart by clicking here.


Donation Trailer

A trailer sits in our parking lot to collect gently used household items and clothing. These things are periodically shipped to Honduras where the people can either use them themselves or sell them to help provide for their families. Anyone can drop off donations. Occasionally, the trailer leaves the lot to be emptied, so the donations can be shipped. It usually returns to the lot within a day or two.

If you have any questions about donations, please visit the Art for Humanity website. For a donation receipt, please click here.

Art for Humanity asks that "you make a monetary donation when you donate items to help defray the cost of giving your donation to the poor. A suggested donation is $1 per pound of items given. This is intended as a guideline. You may give more or less. Your financial support can be given online."