sermon series

Below are details and bulletin links for our sermon series. The current series is at the top of the page.

  • Listen to the Angels (Advent 2022)

    Every year we read the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ birth and enter the story of Mary and Joseph. We are amazed at the miracle of salvation that comes through the birth of Jesus. We worship with the shepherds and join the wise men as they follow the star to meet the newborn King. Throughout the story of Christmas, angels guide us along the way. The Gospel writers tell us what happened in the first Christmas; the angels tell us what it means. Please join us during Advent and Christmas at Trinity as we Listen to the Angels and hear the Good News once again.


    Nov. 27: "Your Prayer Has Been Heard"

    Dec. 4: "The Lord Is with You"

    Dec. 11: Lessons and Carols

    Dec. 18: "Do Not Be Afraid"

    Dec. 24: "I Bring You Good News"

  • A Life of Thanks-Giving (Oct. 23 - Nov. 13)

    “Thanks” and “Giving” go together for many reasons. Put together, they create a word that describes not only a holiday in November, but also a way of living. As children of God and followers of Jesus, we have many reasons to be thankful. We know that God has given us all that we have and made us all that we are, and for that, we give thanks. We affirm that giving and thanking go together in our relationship with God. The Bible teaches us that when we remember what God has done, we are to give thanks. The Bible also teaches us that when we remember what God has done, we give thanks by giving a portion of what we have received back to God. That’s what it means to tithe. That’s what we’re going to discover together as we consider how we might live A Life of Thanks-Giving.

    October 23: The Habit of Thanks-Giving

    October 30: The Joy of Thanks-Giving

    November 6: The Great Thanks-Giving

    November 13: A Life of Thanks-Giving

  • Labeled (Sept. 11 - Oct. 9)

    Sermon Series: Labeled

    We all wear a variety of labels. Some labels come from other people and the world around us. Some labels we put on ourselves. But we believe that God has different labels for us, labels that truly matter, labels that we can choose to wear. Join us each week as we discover what it means to be Labeled by God.


    September 11: We Are Chosen

    September 18: We Are Alive

    September 25: We Are Heirs

    October 2: We Are Strong

    October 9: We Are Gifted

  • The 7 Deadly Sins & the 7 Holy Virtues (July 3 - Aug. 28)

    This summer, Pastor Neil is preaching a series of sermons on The Seven Deadly Sins (and the Seven Holy Virtues). There is no list of Seven Deadly Sins in the Bible, but centuries ago, the church named these sins and called them “deadly.” This series will explore what they are and why they are so dangerous. We’ll learn how to name them and confess them in our own lives, and we’ll discover the corresponding virtues that God’s grace makes possible. The Deadly Sins are some of the ways we interfere with God’s intentions our for lives. Join us in person or online each week as we discover that, when we reduce the interference of sin, we experience more fully the Kingdom life that God dreams for every one of us.


    July 3: Pride (Humility)

    July 10: Envy (Kindness & Generosity)

    July 17: Anger (Patience & Meekness)

    August 7: Sloth (Diligence & Zeal)

    August 14: Greed (Charity)

    August 21: Gluttony (Temperance & Moderation)

    August 28: Lust (Chastity)